• Welcome to VarsityReady.com, a website where prospective University students come to prepare for their University entrance examination.
  • VarsityReady.com provides a way of doing revisions online. You may choose a subject (e.g. Maths or English) and then you can revise any topic in that subject by studying the questions, attempting to answer them, checking your answer and updating your knowledge with the clear and detailed worked solutions provided. You can also do Simulated Examinations based on real past JAMB examination papers.
  • VarsityReady.com will mark your papers immediately, and, by looking up your report, you will be able to see where you need to improve your knowledge. You will have your progress tracked through the reports generated from your sittings and re-sittings of the simulated examination and your revision activities. Combine this with your normal class work and other study aids, and you should be sure to be Varsity Ready!
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